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About Us

Thank you for visiting Canary Knowledge, your one-stop shop for everything to do with pet canaries.

Canaries are beautiful birds, and some are amazing singers, but they differ from other birds in certain ways, especially regarding socialization.

That’s why I’ve written articles and in-depth guides on how to care for canaries and canary behavior.

You’ll find information on the following subjects:

I’ve likely got the answer if you’ve got a burning question. If you’re struggling, use the search function in the top right to find the information you need.

Alternatively, let me know if you’ve got a specific article question that you’d like me to answer!

If you’re completely new to life as a bird keeper, why not find out the different types of canaries kept as pets or which is the best singing canary?

Billy the canary

About Canary Knowledge

Behind Canary Knowledge is a dedicated writer (and owner) with many years of experience helping canary birds stay healthy and happy and thrive as pets.

From American singer canaries to Gloster canaries, I’ve looked after them all successfully. If you want a red-factor canary, I can share the secrets to their bright and vibrant red color.

Our Objective

I want to share my knowledge so that your canaries can live long and happy lives. I can achieve this goal by providing you with the latest science-backed information.

There’s lots of difficult-to-understand and conflicting information online, so I aim to share only the facts in a series of easy-to-understand articles and care guides.

Canaries have specific care needs, and failing to meet these requirements leads to behavioral problems, weight loss, and even premature death. I’d like you to avoid ALL of these pitfalls!

Why Did I start Canary Knowledge?

Jenny Harper of Canary Knowledge

Hi, I’m Jenny. I remember how delighted I felt when my father came home with the canary I’d always longed to own. Shortly afterward, it dawned on me that I had unanswered questions.

So, I sought to read everything I could to give my new pets an amazing life. I sought to learn about everything from dietary needs to socialization to common health conditions.

The biggest shock was when I discovered that canaries don’t get lonely, so I ended up with two birds in different cages. My first lesson was to never reach assumptions based on birds generally.

While there’s no substitute for experience, I want new owners to avoid trial-and-error learning!

While I can’t advise on specific health problems, I aim to share some general advice that’ll put you in the right direction. Please direct other questions to an experienced avian veterinarian.

I hope that you enjoy using this site and benefit from the experience.

Jenny Harper