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Good Canary Girl Names [100 Best Female Names + Meaning]

Last Updated on: 26th October 2022, 10:44 pm

Choosing a name for a new pet is important for bringing it into your family.

Canaries are full of personality, great singers, and have different colors. As such, it’s more important to find a name that suits its character.

Naming your canary is vital to establishing a satisfying bond. Canaries can learn to respond to their names. Likewise, having a cute name to call your pet helps you feel closer to your canary.

So, check out these popular, fun, Disney-inspired, famous, and color-specific canary names.

Popular Names for Female Canaries

If you want to pick a well-loved name, look no further.

Here are popular names you can give a female canary:

  • Ivy – A simple and charming name for an intelligent and beautiful bird.
  • Jade – This name means “precious green stone.”
  • Arya – A good name if your canary has an independent and driven personality.
  • Stella – This name has Latin and Italian origins. It means “celestial star.”
  • Maggie – Short for Margaret, which is a fitting name for an older female canary.
  • Olivia – This name has Latin roots, meaning “olive tree.”
  • Jen – Abbreviation of the name “Jennifer.”
  • Lucy – A common name that denotes a cheerful and innocent personality.
  • Daisy – A nice name for a small female bird.
  • Lily – This is a cute name that evokes softness.
  • Florence – An adorable old-fashioned name and a good choice for an older female bird.
  • Sandy – Short for Alexandra.
  • Isabel – A cute name for a tiny bird. Also, another version of “Isabella.”
  • Bella – A nickname derived from the name “Annabelle.”
  • Rosie – A popular name for girls derived from “Rose.”
  • Lacey – A rare name that works well for a quiet and reserved canary.
  • Raven – A fitting name for a vibrant and energetic bird.
  • Ella – Abbreviation of the name “Eleanor,” which means “beautiful fairy.”
  • Willow – This name is derived from the willow tree and is associated with grace and elegance.
  • Ava – This name means “voice” in Persian and Urdu. A good name if your canary loves singing.

Fun Names for Female Canaries

If your female canary makes you laugh with its quirky behaviors, here are some funny names:

  • Barbie – Nickname for “Barbara.”
  • Coco – An adorable name made famous by the fashion icon Coco Chanel.
  • Sue – A good name for a mature bird. Abbreviation of the name “Susan.”
  • Cookie – This is a cute name, particularly for a cheerful bird.
  • Pumpkin – This name is an endearing term to show adoration for someone you love.
  • Duchess – A bold name that evokes royalty.
  • Beakers – A good name for a loud-mouthed bird.
  • Tweety – This name is commonly used to refer to tiny birds. It was made famous by the anthropomorphic yellow canary from Disney’s “Looney Tunes.”
  • Peaches – An old-fashioned nickname that is apt for a playful bird.
  • Mini – A tiny name for a tiny bird.
  • Luna – A rare name with Latin and Roman origins. It means “moon.”
  • Birdie – Another common name for cute little birds.
  • Jojo – A simple and easy-to-pronounce name for a sweet bird.
  • Misty – A feminine name derived from the word “mist.”
  • Freckles – This would make a good name for a bird with different colored spots on its feathers.
  • Suzy – A cute nickname for “Susan.”
  • Muffin – A common term of endearment.
  • Sage – The name of an herb that is commonly used for aromatherapy.
  • Tuuli – A Finnish name that means “wind.”

Disney-Inspired Names For Female Canaries

The world of Disney is awash with outstanding female characters that have shaped the childhoods of many kids throughout the generations.

Here are some Disney characters you can use as inspiration when picking a name for your canary:

  • Aurora – Also known as “Sleeping Beauty,” this character appears in the Disney classic animated film bearing the same title.
  • Ariel – The titular character from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”
  • Esmeralda – A young gypsy woman who appears in the animated film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”
  • Merida – The protagonist in Disney/Pixar’s animated film “Brave.”
  • Minnie – A Disney cartoon character that plays the role of Mickey Mouse’s long-term sweetheart.
  • Tinkerbell – Nicknamed Tink, this character appears as a fairy in Disney’s animated film “Peter Pan.”
  • Rapunzel – A fictional character that plays the protagonist in Disney’s animated film “Tangled.”
  • Kiara – An anthropomorphic lioness that plays the leading role in Disney’s “The Lion King 2.”
  • Collette – One of three tritagonist characters in Disney’s “Ratatouille.”
  • Belle – The female protagonist in Disney’s classic animated film “Beauty and The Beast.” Also known as “Princess Beauty.”

Famous and Celebrity-Inspired Names For Female Canaries

In the age of information that we live in, celebrity culture is an inextricable part of our social fabric.

So, if you’re thinking about naming your pet canary after a celebrity, there are numerous titles you can choose from. Here are some to consider:

  • Palin – Inspired by Sarah Palin.
  • Emma – Inspired by the actress Emma Watson. Famous for the role of Hermione from the “Harry Potter” franchise.
  • Lupita – Inspired by the award-winning actress, Lupita Nyongo.
  • Gigi – From the famous American model, Gigi Hadid.
  • Riri – Nickname for the globally acclaimed singer, Rihanna.
  • Angela – Inspired by the former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
  • Margot – From the actress, Margot Robbie.
  • Taylor – From the pop singer, Taylor Swift.
  • Kamala – Inspired by Kamala Harris.
  • Melinda – From the renowned businesswoman and philanthropist, Melinda Gates.

Red Canary Names For Female Birds

According to Current Biology, red-factor canaries get red pigmentation from a gene. This is inherited from red-siskin finches paired with yellow canaries during breeding..

Despite being lesser songbirds than common canaries, canary enthusiasts highly prized red-factor canaries for their distinctive looks. So, if you’re lucky enough to own one of them, you should give it a name that matches its status.

Here are red canary names you should consider:

  • Scarlett – A name derived from the bright red color.
  • Cherry – A small, round fruit that is bright or dark red.
  • Maple – A variety of trees and shrubs have red-orange leaves.
  • Apple – A popular, edible fruit produced by the apple tree.
  • Ruby – A pinkish-red gemstone that is typically used in jewelry-making.
  • Merlot – A popular red grape that is used in wine-making.
  • Crimson – A rich, deep-red color.
  • Rose – A sweet-scented flower commonly given as a gift to express love and adoration towards the recipient.
  • Blush – An expression that means to turn red on the cheeks due to embarrassment or modesty.
  • Candy – A class of confectionaries that are primarily made from sugar.
female canary names

Yellow Canary Names for Female Birds

Yellow canaries are adored for their friendly and sociable personalities. Since they’re relatively easy to care for and enjoy human companionship, they rank highly among pet birds for beginners.

If you’re looking for a sweet name that reflects the easy-going nature and eye-catchy looks of your yellow canary, here are ideas:

  • Butter – A good name for a soft and easy-going pet.
  • Sunny – A fitting name for a cheerful and happy pet.
  • Goldie – A cute name for a cherished female canary.
  • Mustard – A condiment made from the yellow seeds of the mustard plant.
  • Honey – A sweet and sticky food substance made from bees.
  • Daffodil – The name of a hardy perennial plant with bright yellow flowers.
  • Lemon – A yellow fruit that is often used to make beverages.
  • Bumblebee – A variety of bees known for their larger and fuzzy body.
  • Blondie – A name that is commonly used to refer to blonde-haired people.
  • Dandelion – A large plant that produces bright yellow flowers.

White Canary Names for Female Birds

White canaries lack pigmentation on their eyes, skin, and feathers, which means they possess a dominant albinism gene. Although not as colorful as other varieties, white canaries are quite popular with canary enthusiasts for their pure white plumage.

Here are great name choices for a white female canary:

  • Pearl – This name carries connotations of regality and splendor.
  • Ivory – A good name for a matured white canary.
  • Snow – A form of precipitation that falls when temperatures are low.
  • Porcelain – A ceramic material used to make kitchenware, tableware, and decorative objects.
  • Daisy – Derived from the common daisy, which is a plant with white-petal flowers.
  • Bone – The white hard material that makes up the skeleton of humans and most animals.
  • Linen – A natural fiber similar to cotton commonly used to make towels, napkins, and bedsheets.
  • Cotton – A soft and fluffy white fiber mostly used to make clothing.
  • Cream – A whitish dairy product skimmed from the top of milk before it is homogenized.
  • Powder – Any solid substance that has been crushed into fine particles.

Orange Canary Names for Female Birds

Orange canaries are one of the most popular and beautiful varieties. They possess genes that predispose their plumage to take on an orange to cobalt-brown pigmentation as they grow up.

Like other varieties of canaries, orange canaries are sociable birds that will fit in well with any family.

Here are name ideas if you own an orange female canary:

  • Tangerine – A small citrus fruit with reddish-orange skin.
  • Tiger – The largest member of the cat species, known for having reddish-orange fur.
  • Spice – A condiment that is added to food to enhance its flavor.
  • Yam – A type of edible tuber with reddish-brown skin.
  • Bronze – A brown metallic color that resembles the alloy of the same name.
  • Apricot – A yellow-orange fruit commonly used as an ingredient in desserts and dishes.
  • Clay – A reddish-brown soil that is sticky and rolls well when wet.
  • Amber – A reddish-orange resin that is derived from pine trees.
  • Ginger – A color tone that’s between classic red and strawberry blonde.
  • Rust – The orange-brown color forms on metallic objects when exposed to moisture in the air for long periods.

How To Name A Girl Canary

Female canaries make good pets due to their easy-going and friendly nature. Therefore, when picking out a name for your female canary, you should choose one that reflects these character traits.

Canaries have unique personalities. While some are shy and reserved by nature, others are more boisterous and outgoing.

If you’ve recently brought a female canary into your household, the chances are that it’ll be uneasy about its environment for the first couple of days.

For this reason, give your pet a few days to settle in before giving it a name. This will allow it to become acclimated to its new environment, thus enabling its personality to emerge. Once this happens, you’ll be better placed to select a name that best matches your pet’s unique personality.

Pick a lady canary name with several syllables since it’s easier to pronounce and remember. Also, choosing a simple moniker makes it easier for your canary to learn its name and identify with it.