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how to name a boy canary

What Should I Name My Male Canary? [100 Boy Names + Meaning]

Last Updated on: 28th May 2022, 12:52 pm

Picking a name for a male canary is an important step in welcoming this new member to your family.

Depending on your canary’s personality, you might opt for a sweet, quirky, or funny name. The key is to choose a name that reflects a male canary’s stand-out qualities. 

We’ve shortlisted some unique, popular, funny, and color-specific names for boy canaries.

Popular Male Canary Names

The most striking feature of male canaries is their impressive abilities to sing beautiful songs. Although female canaries also sing, males are more prolific and natural singers.

According to Development of the Nervous System, the male canary’s singing ability is critical to wooing mating partners and marking territory.

Popular boy canary name ideas include:

  • Charlie – A shortened version of “Charles,” which is perfect if your canary is “free-spirited.”
  • George – A good name for a charming bird.
  • Oscar – A common name with Nordic roots, meaning “spear of God.”
  • Jasper – A posh name for an outgoing personality.
  • Noah – A fitting name if your canary is easy-going.
  • Lark – A suitable name if your canary is lighthearted and loves to sing.
  • Darwin – An intelligent and introspective name.
  • Griffin – A mythological creature that’s half-lion, half-eagle.
  • Edgar – A popular English name for a warm and gentle personality.
  • Sam – Nickname for “Samuel.”
  • Woody – A name popularized by the “Toy Story” character “Sheriff Woody Pride.”
  • William – An appropriate name if your canary has a strong-willed and determined personality.
  • Adam – A common name for a good-looking character.
  • Jack – Perfect for climbing canaries after “Jack and the Beanstalk.”
  • Kevin – A name with Irish origins, meaning “handsome.”
  • Rafael – A romantic name you can give to a sensitive canary.
  • Elvis – A common American name popularized by “Elvis Presley,” the King of Rock n’ Roll.
  • Romeo – A romantic-sounding name you can give a gorgeous male canary.
  • Orville – One-half of the “Wright brothers,” pioneers of aviation.
  • Zeus – Represents the deity in the Greek pantheon.

Celebrity-Inspired Male Canary Names

It is not uncommon for people to name their pets after famous cartoon, movie, and animation characters. So, if you plan on doing the same, here are some good names to choose from for inspiration:

  • Tweety – An innocent and sweet little yellow canary from “Looney Tunes.”
  • Jewel – A lively and fiercely independent macaw that appears as a character in “Rio.”
  • Daffy – A greedy and self-absorbed duck from “Looney Tunes.”
  • Diablo – A raven that appears in Disney’s feature film “Sleeping Beauty.”
  • Nigel – An arrogant and greedy cockatoo from “Rio.”
  • Mordecai – A good-natured blue jay from Cartoon Network’s animated series “Regular Show.”
  • Lago – A devious scarlet macaw that appears in Walt Disney’s feature film “Aladdin.”
  • Zazu – An uptight hornbill from Disney’s “The Lion King.”
  • Hedwig – A beautiful and intelligent owl that appears in the “Harry Potter” franchise as his pet.
  • Woodstock – A presumed canary that plays the role of Snoopy’s friend in the comic strip “Peanuts.”

Unique Male Canary Names

If you find popular names for canaries cheesy or off-putting, you can opt for something more unique. Here are interesting picks:

  • Archimedes – A good name for a smart bird.
  • Casper – A name with German and Slavic origins, popular in the 18th century.
  • Julian – A perfect name for a cute baby canary.
  • Quentin – A strong name for a quirky little bird.
  • Hermes – A name that reflects bravery and power.
  • Hurley – An old-fashioned Irish name with 17th-century roots.
  • Porter – A name with English and Scottish origins, meaning “gatekeeper.”
  • Castor – A rare name that is well-suited for an intelligent canary.
  • Apollo – A powerful name for a good-looking bird.
  • Morgan – A name choice that evokes a sense of adventure.
  • Barney – Nickname for “Bernard.”
  • Maxwell – A unique name for a laid-back and charming bird.
  • Mason – A common English surname that evokes strength and industriousness.
  • Hugo – A name with German origins. It means “mind.”
  • Prince – A good pick if your canary evokes a sense of royalty.
  • Cameron – A suitable name if your canary is the sentimental type.
  • Gabriel – A good unisex name for a cute and cheerful bird.
  • Fabian – A name with Latin origins. Derived from “Fabius,” which means “bean grower.”
  • Nathan – A fitting name if your canary is both strong and gentle.
  • Lorenzo – A common Spanish and Italian name that is perfect for a mature male canary.
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Funny Male Canary Names

Male canaries have their own share of quirky habits and behaviors that can be fun to watch. If your male canary’s hilarious habits give you the giggles, a funny name can work well:

  • Godfeather – A wordplay on “The Godfather,” the classic movie.
  • Pipsqueak – A good name for a canary that chirps often.
  • Doodles – A quirky name for a baby canary.
  • Loudmouth – An appropriate name if your canary that vocalizes often.
  • Ruffles – A nice name for a shy canary.
  • Fluffy – An adorable name for a happy and cheerful canary.
  • Dewey – A fitting name for a silly canary.
  • Banjo – A suitable name for a canary with melodic singing.
  • Couscous – A fitting name for a tiny canary.
  • Flappy – A nice name if your canary likes to fly around often.

Red Canary Names for Males

Red-factor canaries are a popular variety, bred for their beautiful red plumage rather than their song. Given how visually-striking these birds are, they can be an eye-catchy centerpiece to any home.

If you’re lucky to keep one of these special birds, it is important to give it a name that reflects its breathtaking looks and character. Here are good names to consider:

  • Blaise – A nice name for a smart canary.
  • Maple – A name choice if your canary is sensitive and shy.
  • Cherry – After these tasty red fruits.
  • Rufus – An appropriate name for a fierce and aggressive canary.
  • Sparky – A nice name for a volatile and noisy bird.
  • Keegan – A gorgeous name for an energetic canary.
  • Flame – You can give your canary this name if it tends to be loud.
  • Rube – A nickname for “Ruby,” which is also the name of a gemstone.
  • Autumn – An adorable name choice for a calm and laid-back bird.
  • Reggie – A cute name for a tiny red canary. Also, a nickname for the name “Reginald.”

Yellow Canary Names for Males

Yellow canaries are bubbly birds that make wonderful companions. Unlike red-factor canaries kept mainly for their color, yellow canaries are prized for their cheerful temperament and exquisite songs.

Here are some good names for a male yellow canary to consider:

  • Sunflower – An appropriate name if your canary has a lively and happy temperament.
  • Honeycomb – A collection of hexagonal cells which hold the honey produced by bees.
  • Vanilla – A good name for a relaxed canary.
  • Donald – A fitting name for a grumpy old canary.
  • Blondie – A name commonly associated with yellow-golden hair.
  • Smiley – Another good name for a cheery bird.
  • Sunshine – A pleasant name for a cheerful and quirky canary.
  • Lemon – A nice name for a canary with deep-yellow plumage.
  • Mellow – A good name for a chilled and laid-back canary.
  • Orange – An apt name for a joyous and exuberant pet.

White Canary Names For Male Birds

As with other animals, albinism is prevalent in canaries. According to Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science, albinism is caused by the absence of melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes. 

Albino canaries lack pigmentation, which results in their bodies and plumage being completely white. Furthermore, canaries with a dominant albino gene typically have dark eyes instead of the pink that other varieties do.

If you’re looking for a suitable name for your white canary, consider

  • Cloudy – A fitting name if white clouds inspire you.
  • Milky – Inspired by the white color of milk.
  • Nimbus – Another name inspired by clouds.
  • Shimmer – A good name for a canary with brilliant plumage.
  • Sugar – An adorable name for a cute little canary.
  • Popcorn – Inspired by the puffy-white shade of popcorn.
  • Alaska – Inspired by white snow characteristic of the state of Alaska.
  • Ivory – Inspired by white elephant tusks.
  • Cottontail – This name draws inspiration from white cotton.
  • Creamer – A cute name inspired by white cream.

Orange Canary Names for Males

Orange canaries are one of the rarest varieties. For any canary to turn orange, it needs the necessary genetics. Some commercial canary foods also contain color-enhancing ingredients that strengthen the orange color, particularly when molting and growing new feathers.

Whichever the case, owning an orange-colored canary is a dream for most bird enthusiasts. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, you can pick a name that matches its prestige.

The best name ideas for orange canaries include:

  • Paprika – A name inspired by the spice made from dried and ground peppers.
  • Mimosa – A name inspired by the sparkling orange cocktail made from champagne and citrus juice.
  • Phoenix – Inspired by the mythical phoenix bird, which regenerates upon death.
  • Nemo – Inspired by the orange-red clownfish from the animated film “Finding Nemo.”
  • Whiskey – Inspired by the reddish-orange alcoholic drink.
  • Carrot – Inspired by the plant.
  • Cheeto – Inspired by the orange/deep-gold color of the cheetah.
  • Tigger – Inspired by the orange color of a tiger’s body, especially from “Winnie the Pooh.”
  • Mars – Inspired by Mars, the red-orange-colored fourth planet in the solar system.
  • Caramel – Inspired by the orange-brown confectionary made by heating sugar.

How To Name A Boy Canary

Naming your pet canary is critical when it comes to forging a strong bond of friendship.

However, a canary’s personality can change drastically over the first few days as it adjusts to its new surroundings in your home. Give your canary time to settle in before deciding on a permanent name.

Once you’re ready, ensure the name is easy to pronounce so that it can learn and identify with it.